Copersucar’s value chain can be summarized in four links. The associated mills are the base of this chain. There is where sugarcane is cultivated, harvested and used in the production of sugar and ethanol. All production from Partner Mills is transferred to the Cooperative, which uses Copersucar S.A. as the exclusive trader in the domestic and foreign markets.

In the later stages, where Copersucar S.A. is the protagonist, the company is responsible for the entire logistics process for storage and transport of these commodities, with the operational advantages of its intermodal terminals, up to delivery at the reception terminals of Brazilian clients or the international market.

In this report, we choose to start the narrative from the market link, considered the final destination of our products. The next step is to describe Copersucar as the management link; the flows of transport and sales and, in the end, the production link, performed by the mills.